Anndrena performs in Alabama
Photo credit: Desiree Taylor.

"When I would hear the word "tale-tellin" it would leave a bad taste in my mouth," wrote Desiree Taylor, staff writer for the Selma Times-Journal.
  However, after enjoying Anndrena Belcher's performance at Byrd Elementary, Taylor changed her tune.  She wrote:

"Belcher reminded us that every person has a downfall, a shortcoming or quirk and beause of that, no one should be singled out for seeming to be different from the norm.  All of our stories are unique and they bind us together."

Anndrena's October performance was part of CREC's For Old Times Sake project.  Her workshops, performances, and teacher in-service programs reintroduce young people to the Appalachian land ethic of environmental stewardship combined with leadership development.