Roger WilliamsOne of CREC's oldest programs was to help thirteen life-learners attain degrees through University Without Walls.  One of our graduates --- Mary Herr --- wrote to share her experiences:

In May 1974, I was accepted into the University Without Walls degree program through Roger Williams College in Providence , RI .  Joyce Dukes and I were a couple of the first students to get our degrees through CREC.   The focus of my course of study was to develop a training manual for paralegals and/or legal assistants.    The culmination of my study was writing a training manual entitled Guidelines for Training Legal Assistants. 
I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Education and Business Administration on January 25, 1975 from Roger Williams College .  I didn’t realize it at the time but this degree later opened many doors for me for future jobs. Without the degree, I would have been ineligible for several employment opportunities.  Even though I had much of the knowledge before, the diploma saying I had a Bachelor of Arts degree gave me credibility.  
I am currently retired but still involved in volunteer work in Cherokee, North Carolina with several community organizations.  I will always be grateful to CREC and the University Without Walls program for the many doors they opened for me.