Dear Anndrena,

I am not sure if you remember me, but I sure remember you! I was that little Chicago girl you used to mentor in Hindman, Kentucky, at Appalachian Family Folk Week over 15 years ago.

I just wanted to drop you a hello and let you know that you continue to be a huge inspiration in both my and my brother Joseph's lives. I really am very thankful that I got to know you so early on and still think a lot about all the amazing lessons you taught me and my brother.

I've been able to do a lot of really neat things with my life so far, in part due to your inspiration. I graduated Centre College with an art degree and was then awarded a Fulbright grant to live in Vienna, Austria. I'm now working at a clinic for schizophrenics in Uptown in Chicago where I've started my own project- making art with some of the patients around here.

Well, I really just wanted to say thank you and to also let you know about how your inspiration has been carried through another generation of people. I hope that you are doing really well.

Much gratitude,
Caitlin Harper